In today's workplace, your technology needs to"just work."

When it doesn't work, it disrupts your operations, idles your workforce, and costs you money. Most organizations would agree that they do not have enough on-site expertise to effectively manage their technology. Information Technology (I.T.) staff members are costly to recruit and retain, and may be more than your office needs every day.

Keystone Technical can help you manage your technology, prevent common problems, deal with emergencies, train your staff, and help you make sensible and timely decisions about adding to or upgrading your systems. Best of all, our experienced consultants can provide this high level of service for considerably less than it will cost you to hire additional employees.

Service Highlights

Expert technical support is key in an organization's time of need. Since every organization has different technology needs, Keystone Technicaloffers several custom-fit support solutions that resolve issues quickly and permanently. Contact Keystone Technical for details on any of the following support services.

Annual Support Agreements

Support Agreements are a great foundation for managing your technology. For a reasonable annual cost (which can be paid monthly or quarterly) your company will have access to our skilled consultants. Keystone Technical consultants will work with you on-site, over the phone, and via remote access technologies to answer your questions and resolve your issues in a timely fashion. Your company will typically deal with the same consultant for most of your issues, assuring that your needs and unique situations are understood by our technology professionals.

Incident-Based Support

Single-Incident Support is available for an hourly rate. Sometimes technology goes awry. Our expert consultants will diagnose the problems and recommend and implement best-practice solutions to those problems. Keystone Technical consultants have many years of combined experience dealing with nearly every kind of hardware, software, and service issue you are likely to encounter. Our team will even work with your other vendors to coordinate the best resolution to your issue.


Technology training helps your organization avoid repeated calls or emails to your own technology staff or consultants. Keystone Technical's team can analyze the current training needs of key staff members and provide appropriate skill training to handle common tasks and issues. Often, what seems like a problem or "bug" is actually a misunderstanding or misapplication of the technology. Our consultants have worked with many hardware devices and software packages and can share their years of collected knowledge with your people.

Preventive Maintenence Agreements

Cost-effective agreements that support your computers and networks at regular intervals throughout the year. Keystone Technical support staff periodically run tests, diagnostics, and software updates in a proactive manner designed to eliminate problems before they create adverse effects to your organization.

Retainer Agreements

Consulting-styled agreements that are designed for organizations who need dedicated technical expertise, training, 24x7 technical support, and other services on a semi-regular basis. More cost-affective than incident-based support, retainer agreements are best suited for organizations that require many different types of services, but seek the benefits of a support agreement.

All computers will eventually break or need to be replaced.

Keystone Technical consultants will help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best option, and will provide quality hardware for either option. Our experienced team stays informed about industry trends, common hardware and software issues, and known requirements and compatibility questions with other hardware and software.


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