Keystone Technical is connected with leading vendors of hardware and software. Our experts can evaluate your specific needs and recommend the best solutions. This expertise and service is what separates Keystone Technical from a big-box store, or an internet shopping site. It is true that there are often great pricing “bargains” available through those outlets, but will they be the right solution for your needs?

Our consultants understand the complexities of hardware and software compatibility. They will work with you to integrate new equipment into your existing infrastructure, or will plainly explain why the new and old cannot be fully integrated and recommend solutions. They will work with your budget, and can even assist your organization with lease and other financing options.

Keystone Technical sells best-in-class hardware and software products. We are Dell Registered Partner Microsoft Business Partners, and have relationships with other top vendors such as Symantec and Watchguard. Our consultants will help you understand your particular requirements, and build the solutions that will meet them. They will even help you get the best warranty for your situation, balancing service details, response time, and cost.

Deep knowledge, exceptional service, and high-quality hardware and software are what we buy for ourselves, and recommend and sell to our customers. A big-box store or online merchant cannot keep the same promises and still give you the deep discount that seems to make them such a bargain

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